How to play Wordoku.

Wordoku is very similar to sudoku. Love sudoku? then you'll really love Wordoku!
Every letter for the Wordoku must appear once:
  • In each of the columns,
  • in each of the rows,
  • and in each of the nine boxes.
  • You can find the letters needed under the puzzle.
    Hidden Word
    You will know when you have successfully completed the puzzle, as a hidden 9 letter word will appear on the diagonal.
    More Puzzles
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    Click on the Worduku grid to see the solution
    the wordoku

    Features of Wordoku.

    To play Wordoku at other levels, just click the links below.
    Printer friendly versions
    You can print out these Wordoku puzzles, and play them using a pen and paper. A play-online version will be available soon.
    These printer versions open in a new window, so be sure to allow pop-ups with your browser.
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