How to play Wordoku.

Wordoku is very similar to sudoku. Love sudoku? then you'll really love Wordoku!
Every letter for the Wordoku must appear once:
  • In each of the columns,
  • in each of the rows,
  • and in each of the nine boxes.
  • You can find the letters needed under the puzzle.
    Hidden Word
    You will know when you have successfully completed the puzzle, as a hidden 9 letter word will appear on the diagonal.
    More Puzzles
    Once you have solved the Wordoku, move over to Kakuro, or try something different with an online Jigsaw Puzzle.

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    Wordoku Archives

    Sat 25/Feb/2006Sun 26/Feb/2006Mon 27/Feb/2006
    Tue 28/Feb/2006  
    Wed 01/Mar/2006Thu 02/Mar/2006Fri 03/Mar/2006
    Sat 04/Mar/2006Sun 05/Mar/2006Mon 06/Mar/2006
    Tue 07/Mar/2006Wed 08/Mar/2006Thu 09/Mar/2006
    Fri 10/Mar/2006Sat 11/Mar/2006Sun 12/Mar/2006
    Mon 13/Mar/2006Tue 14/Mar/2006Wed 15/Mar/2006
    Thu 16/Mar/2006Fri 17/Mar/2006Sat 18/Mar/2006
    Sun 19/Mar/2006Mon 20/Mar/2006Tue 21/Mar/2006
    Wed 22/Mar/2006Thu 23/Mar/2006Fri 24/Mar/2006
    Sat 25/Mar/2006Sun 26/Mar/2006Mon 27/Mar/2006
    Tue 28/Mar/2006Wed 29/Mar/2006Thu 30/Mar/2006
    Fri 31/Mar/2006  
    Sat 01/Apr/2006Sun 02/Apr/2006Mon 03/Apr/2006
    Tue 04/Apr/2006Wed 05/Apr/2006Thu 06/Apr/2006
    Fri 07/Apr/2006Sat 08/Apr/2006Sun 09/Apr/2006
    Mon 10/Apr/2006Tue 11/Apr/2006Wed 12/Apr/2006
    Thu 13/Apr/2006Fri 14/Apr/2006Sat 15/Apr/2006
    Sun 16/Apr/2006Mon 17/Apr/2006Tue 18/Apr/2006
    Wed 19/Apr/2006Thu 20/Apr/2006Fri 21/Apr/2006
    Sat 22/Apr/2006Sun 23/Apr/2006Mon 24/Apr/2006
    Tue 25/Apr/2006Wed 26/Apr/2006Thu 27/Apr/2006
    Fri 28/Apr/2006Sat 29/Apr/2006Sun 30/Apr/2006
    Mon 01/May/2006Tue 02/May/2006Wed 03/May/2006
    Thu 04/May/2006Fri 05/May/2006Sat 06/May/2006
    Sun 07/May/2006Mon 08/May/2006Tue 09/May/2006
    Wed 10/May/2006Thu 11/May/2006Fri 12/May/2006
    Sat 13/May/2006Sun 14/May/2006Mon 15/May/2006
    Tue 16/May/2006Wed 17/May/2006Thu 18/May/2006
    Fri 19/May/2006Sat 20/May/2006Sun 21/May/2006
    Mon 22/May/2006Tue 23/May/2006Wed 24/May/2006
    Thu 25/May/2006Fri 26/May/2006Sat 27/May/2006
    Sun 28/May/2006Mon 29/May/2006Tue 30/May/2006
    Wed 31/May/2006  
    Thu 01/Jun/2006Fri 02/Jun/2006Sat 03/Jun/2006
    Sun 04/Jun/2006Mon 05/Jun/2006Tue 06/Jun/2006
    Wed 07/Jun/2006Thu 08/Jun/2006Fri 09/Jun/2006
    Sat 10/Jun/2006Sun 11/Jun/2006Mon 12/Jun/2006
    Tue 13/Jun/2006Wed 14/Jun/2006Thu 15/Jun/2006
    Fri 16/Jun/2006Sat 17/Jun/2006Sun 18/Jun/2006
    Mon 19/Jun/2006Tue 20/Jun/2006Wed 21/Jun/2006
    Thu 22/Jun/2006Fri 23/Jun/2006Sat 24/Jun/2006
    Sun 25/Jun/2006Mon 26/Jun/2006Tue 27/Jun/2006
    Wed 28/Jun/2006Thu 29/Jun/2006Fri 30/Jun/2006
    Sat 01/Jul/2006Sun 02/Jul/2006Mon 03/Jul/2006
    Tue 04/Jul/2006Wed 05/Jul/2006Thu 06/Jul/2006
    Fri 07/Jul/2006Sat 08/Jul/2006Sun 09/Jul/2006
    Mon 10/Jul/2006Tue 11/Jul/2006Wed 12/Jul/2006
    Thu 13/Jul/2006Fri 14/Jul/2006Sat 15/Jul/2006
    Sun 16/Jul/2006Mon 17/Jul/2006Tue 18/Jul/2006
    Wed 19/Jul/2006Thu 20/Jul/2006Fri 21/Jul/2006
    Sat 22/Jul/2006Sun 23/Jul/2006Mon 24/Jul/2006
    Tue 25/Jul/2006Wed 26/Jul/2006Thu 27/Jul/2006
    Fri 28/Jul/2006Sat 29/Jul/2006Sun 30/Jul/2006
    Mon 31/Jul/2006  
    Tue 01/Aug/2006Wed 02/Aug/2006Thu 03/Aug/2006
    Fri 04/Aug/2006Sat 05/Aug/2006Sun 06/Aug/2006
    Mon 07/Aug/2006Tue 08/Aug/2006Wed 09/Aug/2006
    Thu 10/Aug/2006Fri 11/Aug/2006Sat 12/Aug/2006
    Sun 13/Aug/2006Mon 14/Aug/2006Tue 15/Aug/2006
    Wed 16/Aug/2006Thu 17/Aug/2006Fri 18/Aug/2006
    Sat 19/Aug/2006Sun 20/Aug/2006Mon 21/Aug/2006
    Tue 22/Aug/2006Wed 23/Aug/2006Thu 24/Aug/2006
    Fri 25/Aug/2006Sat 26/Aug/2006Sun 27/Aug/2006
    Mon 28/Aug/2006Tue 29/Aug/2006Wed 30/Aug/2006
    Thu 31/Aug/2006  
    Fri 01/Sep/2006Sat 02/Sep/2006Sun 03/Sep/2006
    Mon 04/Sep/2006Tue 05/Sep/2006Wed 06/Sep/2006
    Thu 07/Sep/2006Fri 08/Sep/2006Sat 09/Sep/2006
    Sun 10/Sep/2006Mon 11/Sep/2006Tue 12/Sep/2006
    Wed 13/Sep/2006Thu 14/Sep/2006Fri 15/Sep/2006
    Sat 16/Sep/2006Sun 17/Sep/2006Mon 18/Sep/2006
    Tue 19/Sep/2006Wed 20/Sep/2006Thu 21/Sep/2006
    Fri 22/Sep/2006Sat 23/Sep/2006Sun 24/Sep/2006
    Mon 25/Sep/2006Tue 26/Sep/2006Wed 27/Sep/2006
    Thu 28/Sep/2006Fri 29/Sep/2006Sat 30/Sep/2006
    Sun 01/Oct/2006Mon 02/Oct/2006Tue 03/Oct/2006
    Wed 04/Oct/2006Thu 05/Oct/2006Fri 06/Oct/2006
    Sat 07/Oct/2006Sun 08/Oct/2006Mon 09/Oct/2006
    Tue 10/Oct/2006Wed 11/Oct/2006Thu 12/Oct/2006
    Fri 13/Oct/2006Sat 14/Oct/2006Sun 15/Oct/2006
    Mon 16/Oct/2006Tue 17/Oct/2006Wed 18/Oct/2006
    Thu 19/Oct/2006Fri 20/Oct/2006Sat 21/Oct/2006
    Sun 22/Oct/2006Mon 23/Oct/2006Tue 24/Oct/2006
    Wed 25/Oct/2006Thu 26/Oct/2006Fri 27/Oct/2006
    Sat 28/Oct/2006Sun 29/Oct/2006Mon 30/Oct/2006
    Tue 31/Oct/2006  
    Wed 01/Nov/2006Thu 02/Nov/2006Fri 03/Nov/2006
    Sat 04/Nov/2006Sun 05/Nov/2006Mon 06/Nov/2006
    Tue 07/Nov/2006Wed 08/Nov/2006Thu 09/Nov/2006
    Fri 10/Nov/2006Sat 11/Nov/2006Sun 12/Nov/2006
    Mon 13/Nov/2006Tue 14/Nov/2006Wed 15/Nov/2006
    Thu 16/Nov/2006Fri 17/Nov/2006Sat 18/Nov/2006
    Sun 19/Nov/2006Mon 20/Nov/2006Tue 21/Nov/2006
    Wed 22/Nov/2006Thu 23/Nov/2006Fri 24/Nov/2006
    Sat 25/Nov/2006Sun 26/Nov/2006Mon 27/Nov/2006
    Tue 28/Nov/2006Wed 29/Nov/2006Thu 30/Nov/2006
    Fri 01/Dec/2006Sat 02/Dec/2006Sun 03/Dec/2006
    Mon 04/Dec/2006Tue 05/Dec/2006Wed 06/Dec/2006
    Thu 07/Dec/2006Fri 08/Dec/2006Sat 09/Dec/2006
    Sun 10/Dec/2006Mon 11/Dec/2006Tue 12/Dec/2006
    Wed 13/Dec/2006Thu 14/Dec/2006Fri 15/Dec/2006
    Sat 16/Dec/2006Sun 17/Dec/2006Mon 18/Dec/2006
    Tue 19/Dec/2006Wed 20/Dec/2006Thu 21/Dec/2006
    Fri 22/Dec/2006Sat 23/Dec/2006Sun 24/Dec/2006
    Mon 25/Dec/2006Tue 26/Dec/2006Wed 27/Dec/2006
    Thu 28/Dec/2006Fri 29/Dec/2006Sat 30/Dec/2006
    Sun 31/Dec/2006  
    Mon 01/Jan/2007Tue 02/Jan/2007Wed 03/Jan/2007
    Thu 04/Jan/2007Fri 05/Jan/2007Sat 06/Jan/2007
    Sun 07/Jan/2007Mon 08/Jan/2007Tue 09/Jan/2007
    Wed 10/Jan/2007Thu 11/Jan/2007Fri 12/Jan/2007
    Sat 13/Jan/2007Sun 14/Jan/2007Mon 15/Jan/2007
    Tue 16/Jan/2007Wed 17/Jan/2007Thu 18/Jan/2007
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    Thu 22/Feb/2007Fri 23/Feb/2007Sat 24/Feb/2007
    Sun 25/Feb/2007Mon 26/Feb/2007Tue 27/Feb/2007
    Wed 28/Feb/2007  
    Thu 01/Mar/2007Fri 02/Mar/2007Sat 03/Mar/2007
    Sun 04/Mar/2007Mon 05/Mar/2007Tue 06/Mar/2007
    Wed 07/Mar/2007Thu 08/Mar/2007Fri 09/Mar/2007
    Sat 10/Mar/2007Sun 11/Mar/2007Mon 12/Mar/2007
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    Fri 16/Mar/2007Sat 17/Mar/2007Sun 18/Mar/2007
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    Tue 31/Jul/2007  
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    Mon 13/Aug/2007Tue 14/Aug/2007Wed 15/Aug/2007
    Thu 16/Aug/2007Fri 17/Aug/2007Sat 18/Aug/2007
    Sun 19/Aug/2007Mon 20/Aug/2007Tue 21/Aug/2007
    Wed 22/Aug/2007Thu 23/Aug/2007Fri 24/Aug/2007
    Sat 25/Aug/2007Sun 26/Aug/2007Mon 27/Aug/2007
    Tue 28/Aug/2007Wed 29/Aug/2007Thu 30/Aug/2007
    Fri 31/Aug/2007  
    Sat 01/Sep/2007Sun 02/Sep/2007Mon 03/Sep/2007
    Tue 04/Sep/2007Wed 05/Sep/2007Thu 06/Sep/2007
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